Custom Sculptures by Ace of Clay

Custom Couple Sculpture 


Well, Ace of Clay knocked it out of the park again❣❣❣❣❣ My husband couldn’t wait (LOL),  he opened the package because he was so excited to see it! So, when I came home, he had it out sitting on the kitchen table… So, it was the first thing that I saw when I came home!
This is such a beautiful sculpture! I/We absolutely love how you captured their “energy.” Just from looking at pictures! It makes us smile and our hearts happy!!!! I adore how he captured the way they look at each other… Especially the way he (Greg) looks at her (Dana)! Also, you caught on to the pinky shake!

– Mary Hewelt


Custom Sculpture by Ace of Clay

Custom Couple Sculpture 


Comments: Ace of Clay made an amazing piece that I used for an engagement surprise. My fiance loved it and so do I! Thank you Ace of Clay for working with me on the details and the quick turnaround!

– Mark Comer



Ace of Clay Custom Bela Lugosi’s Dracula Sculpture

Custom Bela Lugosi’s Dracula 


I first found Ace of Clay on Instagram and was amazed by his work! So I decided to contact Ace of Clay for a sculpture of Bela Lugosi. Never did I image that the 3 black and white pictures I sent to him for a reference would turn out so beautiful! My Bela Lugosi sculpture is honestly one of my favourite items that I own! Not to mention how wonderful it was to work with Ace of Clay! He kept me updated and always gave me many options when it came to things like shipping, since I live in Canada , to ensure that my sculpture arrived safe and sound!  I will definitely be going back to Ace of Clay for future projects!

– Sidney Gibb


Ace of Clay Custom Order Dog Sculpture

Custom Pet Sculpture 


After seeing how talented Anthony was at the craft of sculpting, I asked him to create a statue of my mom’s beloved dog, Louie.  I thought it would be a perfect Christmas present for her.  Through email and text, I provided a few pictures of Louie and answered some simple questions from Anthony.   A short time later, I picked up the finished product and I just could not believe how closely Anthony had nailed everything about Louie – from his fur color, size proportions and all the way down to his personality.  My mom was very emotional when she opened the gift on Christmas Eve.  She was so surprised and couldn’t believe how someone that had never met Louie could capture everything about him.  Anthony is so talented and easy to work with – thank you, Anthony!

– Sara Robins


Ace of Clay Comedian Custom Sculpture

Comedian Sculpture 


I commissioned Ace of Clay to do a figure sculpt of my favorite comedian for my upcoming birthday. All I gave him were a few reference photos and what he brought to life completely blew my mind!! Anthony really did his homework and added all of the important details that only a true fan like me could appreciate! I am head-over-heals in love with this piece and it looks perfect in my studio. Thank you so much, Anthony!! I will be back to add to my collection! <3

– Amy Daniels


Ace of Clay Military Memorial Custom Sculpture

Soldier Memorial Sculpture


I took a picture of a wooden cutout and asked Anthony if he could make a 10 to 12 inch statue of it. He turned it into a masterpiece. For not having anything except a black and white wooden cutout to go by he out-did himself. What an artist. Every detail was correct down to the shoes. I would recommend anyone who wants a great work of art to contact Anthony. I would have paid 5 times what he charged me. It is priceless. Thanks again for all your hard work.

– Dale Jeffries


Ace of Clay Soccer Kids Custom Sculpture

Custom Kids Soccer Sculpture


I absolutely love my sculpture! From the amazing talent and work that was put into making it, to the careful packaging to ensure it’s safe arrival, it’s amazing! I can’t stop looking at it, noticing all the different nuances and ways Anthony was able to capture the boys’ likenesses. It is truly a precious gift that I will treasure for all time. Thank you for helping to capture a moment in time!

– Diana Yanoski



Ace of Clay Custom Christmas Nativity

Custom Christmas Nativity


I ordered the 10 inch Nativity from Ace of Clay and it is absolutely stunning!  The care he has put into this is obvious. This piece will have a place in my curio all year around.  I will be ordering the Three Wise Men next. Beautiful work!! Thank you!

– Denise


Ace of Clay Custom Fairy Garden Gnome Set

Custom Color Fairy Garden Set


Anthony created my tiny gnome for me in a custom color which came out perfect! The craftsmanship that was put into this little guy is unbelievable. He shines like no other!!! Words cannot express the gratitude I have for Anthony for the special requested color and personalization to my order. His items come carefully wrapped in a beautiful package. Ordering was extremely easy and he is a joy to work with. His talent and attention to detail are shown in his sculptures. I am beyond satisfied with my order, and will order from him again. Thank you!

Anthony’s craftsmanship is phenomenal! This little fire pit is extremely intricate despite its size. The detailed paint job is gorgeous. I am beyond satisfied with the sculpture Anthony created for me. You can tell by his work that he puts his all into it, and it shows. Thank you again!

– Nicholas Bell


Deluxe Octopus Tentacle Light Switch Covers


I decorated my beachfront condo with a variety of Steampunk switch plates.  Not only do they look so cool, but they are very unique and well made.  I get a lot of compliments on them and everyone wants to know where I bought them! You can only find them at:

Ace of Clay — Anthony:  YOU ARE AN ACE!!!!

– Lorna Talbot


Ace of Clay Steampunk Octopus Light Switch Plate

Deluxe Octopus Tentacle Light Switch Cover


I purchased an octopus light switch cover. It was here in no time at all and was in perfect condition. The craftsmanship is amazing and it’s obvious there was much attention put into detail. Truly a work of art. Just beautiful.

– Misty



Ace of Clay Tree Ghoul Figurine “Love”

Tree Ghoul “Love”


I bought the little creature from Ace of Clay and was so excited to give it to my sister. She loves different, interesting things, she is a Halloween junky. I knew instantly this was perfect. I had no idea it was so light and strong. Thank you

– Jennifer



Ace of Clay Custom Godzilla Light Switch Cover

Godzilla Triple Switch Plate


I had this special order Godzilla switch plate made as a gift and it was awesome! And even though I don’t know much about art, he took the time to respond to my questions. I plan on buying another one for myself in a couple months!

– Karin Ashley


Ace of Clay Iridescent Octopus Tentacle Light Switch Cover

Iridescent Tentacle Switch Plate


This item is so awesome! It shipped quickly and was professionally packaged! The craftsmanship is top-notch and this this is so unique and special!

– Bailey Swinford


Ace of Clay Papa Roach Custom Polymer Clay Figurines
Ace of Clay Custom Papa Roach Figurines



“Papa Roach” Band Figurines


They are awesome! I had wanted bobble heads but these figurines are the best! Better than any bobble head can ever be. I don’t know how he catches all of the details on them. The band asked me how I found Ace of Clay and I told them on Instagram. I love the figurines! I ordered a drum set too and then my set will me complete!

– Diana Martinez


Ace of Clay Custom Pole Dancing Hippo Sculpture


Pole Dancing Hippo


Ace of Clay made THE BEST gift. Ever. What was this awesome, one-of-a-kind treasure? A stripper hippo! Yes, you read that correctly. A stripper hippo. This wonderful clay character started as an inside joke and grew. Literally grew to a large, purple, glitter-covered hippo stripper! Sporting an amazing Swarovski bra and red stripper heels! Seeing her “real” left me speechless and in tears. Anything you can think of or imagine? Ace of Clay can make for you. Having something this personal is a treasure. So go, think of something amazing and wonderful and/or odd. Tell Ace of Clay all about it. Wait a few weeks. And then be prepared to be amazed beyond words! And if you disagree? You can hunt me down and smack me!!!

– Robbin Nickerson


aceofclay custom owl sculpture ace of clay sculpey
Ace of Clay Owl on Tennis Ball Custom Sculpture


Tennis Owl


Ace of Clay is THE BEST. I teach tennis & ordered a small owl sitting on top of a tennis ball for a student of mine. I wrote down exactly what I wanted (color, size, etc) and it was executed perfectly. I asked for a nike sweat band on the owl & Ace of Clay did it! It turned out perfectly & looks like shiny glass. Even the packaging was impeccable. Beyond impressed with his work & will definitely be ordering again!

– Marella Diakonov

Ace of Clay Snow White and the Seven Dwarves Custom Sculptures

Custom Mini Gnomes


How cute are these?!?! They are EXACTLY what I asked for and I absolutely adore them. I just wanted to say Ace of Clay has been nothing but awesome with this order!! I ordered a custom set of Snow White’s Seven dwarfs and they are absolutely PERFECT! From customer service down to the packaging the items were sent in, everything was exactly what I had asked for. I will most certainly be ordering again!! Thank you Ace of Clay!!

– Allicia



Ace of Clay Steampunk light switch cover switchplate polymer clay sculpey 4
Ace of Clay Double Steampunk Light Switch Cover

Steampunk Robot Double Switch Plate


OMG! I am so in LOVE with this purchase you just have no idea! It’s even better in person! Love it! Thank you!

– Karen Mahler


aceofclay custom switch plate
Ace of Clay Custom Deluxe Octopus Tentacle Light Switch Cover


Custom Light Switch Plate


Thank you so so much for this gorgeous piece of artwork, Anthony! You personalized it for me and got it here quickly. I’ll cherish it always.

– Lacey Whitmore

Ace of Clay Custom Leprechaun Coins


Custom Leprechaun Coins


Awesome quality and outstanding details….very happy. ..I will be back! A++++++

– Nicola Sgro