Ace of Clay Process

Each Ace of Clay sculpture, big or small, was created with this process from start to finish. No moulds of any kind are used ensuring unique, one-of-a-kind works of art each and every time.

Step One: Armature

In the first step of the sculpting process, the armature or “skeleton” of the piece is created. The armature lays a foundation for the sculpture and determines it’s position and scale. A base is also added if the sculpture is not self contained.

Step Two: Sculpting & Refining

Once the underlying structure is complete, polymer clay is added throughout the piece and every inch is worked until the entire surface is smooth.

Next, after the clay has been arranged over the armature, it’s time to start refining. This step is the longest in the sculpting process and can take anywhere from a couple of hours to a couple of days depending on the piece. All of the details and features are meticulously added until the sculpture is finished.

Step Three: Painting & Finishing

Painting the sculpture is the step that brings the work to life and takes place over several hours, even for the simplest of sculptures. Several layers of acrylic paint are applied to ensure a vibrant and smooth coat and highlights and shadows are glazed on to create depth and dimension. Each layer is applied and fully dried in between coats. It’s not the most timesaving method, but it has the best outcome.

Once the sculpture is fully painted, the last step is to varnish and polish it to a glassy shine.